NX300 firmware hack to remove video recording limitations

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Re: NX300 firmware hack to remove video recording limitations

otto k wrote:

May I suggest perhaps easier or at least safer method? You just need a hacked firmware as a way to run a binary off the card after the camera boots and let your program/script modify the memory of the camera binary (your process has root and can access /proc fs, right?). A good start is to dump memory of camera binary to a file on SD and go from there.

Why is this better approach IMHO: you only need to create one firmware (so it runs your binary off SD after boot) and after that there's practically zero risk of bricking the camera as simple removal of card reverts back to normal state. Also, no need to rebuild firmware after each change, etc. It would be possible to have "custom" SD cards while others work normally. This is a bit more work initially but much easier in every next iteration.

I don't have hackable nx camera (just nx1000) to try but this approach works for normal Linux (on pc) so it should work on Tizen as well (it works for guy who made custom encrypting firmware for nx300).

The main issue is that the hook which allows for execution of shell scripts from SD is only present in few firmware versions of few Tizen-based cameras (e.g. in the most recent firmware for NX300 but not in the one for NX300M).

I reviewed the pre-production NX500 firmware and there were no such hooks in the start up routine. Even if there are some unintended entry points, they might be removed in a subsequent firmware release.

However, I suspect that there is support in the bootloader for running firmware from SD. As you are obviously skilled in reverse engineering ARM code, could you look into this, please? Perhaps we could boot our own system from the SD card, making it both trivial and safe to use alternative firmware.

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