Focusing infinity with 12-50mm. Is it possible?

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Re: beyond infinity

Hiskrtapps wrote:

thank you again..

Now my question is: why don't put a button on the camera or on the lent that provide you set infinity focus?

Maybe it's a stupid question but I think it's a bit silly to be forced to doing a procedure that consists in changing your setting, switch down e switch up you camera (being careful to do not touch the ring) to obtain behavior that is useful in common situations..

That's my thougth.

On my GX7, there is such a button - the button you depress in order to remove the lens. (I don't know if this is only true for Panasonic lenses). I shot the Milky Way a month or so ago using the GX7 and a 14mm lens with the wide angle adapter which took it down to 10.5mm. This left the aperture at f2.5, and I'm not sure that the f3.5 aperture on the 12-50mm is good enough to capture enough light in the limited time you want to have the shutter open. I agree that 20 seconds is a good period of time for the shutter, you don't need to stay below 5 seconds. I didn't have a problem with focus, but I could not see it on-screen while shooting, I waited until I got home to check - partly also because I needed to boost the exposure having kept the ISO low.

Have a look at the website of, he has some very useful advice for shooting the Milky Way using M43.


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