Windows 7 -> 10 upgraders: Did any programs get messed up?

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Re: Windows 7 -> 10 upgraders: Did any programs get messed up?

just Tony wrote:

I've been reading about the Windows 10 spying behaviors and the Windows 10 ads, but there are other threads for those. I've done two upgrades to Win10 myself so far but both of those were on Win8.1 machines that had very few programs installed... both went well.

I have a performance reason to make the switch. My panoramic stitching has been bumping up against the ceiling of my installed 16 GB of memory. Things get very slow when that happens. This is the limit imposed by my current operating system, Win7 Home Premium. On the other hand every version of Win10 supports much larger memory spaces so I can consider going up to the motherboard's limit of 32 GB.

What I'd prefer to avoid is to be shut down after an upgrade because some SW that's critical to me gets messed up. Has anyone experienced that?

Some of the things I count on the most:

  • Photoshop CS6
  • Lightroom 6.2.1
  • Acronis Western Digital Edition (to clone my system drive); Western Digital's support page says it will work with W10 so that's good.
  • Free File Sync (to back up the drives for my images)
  • NEC SpectraView monitor calibration

Thanks in advance for any inputs on this topic.

You will not see much in the way of speed increases, only when booting and shutting down.

16 gigs of ram should be fine and plenty, its not as if your doing any heavy duty video editing or similar.

I don`t believe the problems you are seeing are due to your current operating system but upgrade by all means.

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