A65 battery life/drain

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Re: A65 battery life/drain

My Sony a65 depletes the battery over several weeks unused but I dont worry about it. I have two other batteries which are charged and with the camera so if I use the camera and the installed battery is low I simply change it. I was surprised that this line of conversation was still going on about the battery. I though that you might be experiencing a rapid drain of the battery but the fact you have stated the time it takes to go flat now, it is really of no concern. I have another two cameras both Panasonic Lumix  FZ-50 and a TZ-10. Both of these cameras will have the batteries drain over a few weeks unused. NI-Metal hydride and lithium batteries do need to be regularly drained and recharged to keep the life. If one fails and does not like to hold much charge, before disposing of it you can try resurrecting it by placing the battery  (discharged) into a sealed plastic bag eg cliplock squeezing as much air out of the bag as possible before sealing. Place the bag containing the battery in the freezer chamber of the fridge for approx. 30-40mins. Take out of the freezer and allow to reach room temperature before opening the bag otherwise the battery will become covered in moisture from the air. Recharge and see if this has fixed it. I have had success with this method mostly with phones.

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