Lightroom and film simulation, dynamic range metadata

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Re: Lightroom and film simulation, dynamic range metadata

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Just bought a X-T1 and starting with it. May be this topic has been covered already but haven't get any luck to find an answer.

I would like to see exif metadata like film simulation mode and dynamic range settings from within Lightroom 5. Is there a way to get it or a plugin?

I did check several image editors but only MyFinePix Studio seems to read these metadata - which is not quite usefull.

Thanks in advance.

I assume you're using jpgs since LR5 can't process XT1 RAW files.

Assuming LR5 has similar options as LR6, go to view>view options>loupe view where you can choose which info to show as an overlay in either library or develop mode.

Pardon? LR5 does most definitely support XT1 raw files.

You are correct - I started with LR 5.7 when I got the XT1 (CS5 didn't support) but very quickly got the update to LR 6 so it seems I've used it from the start.

It is the XT10 that is not supported by LR 5.

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