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You and I are pretty much of the same mind. The IQ of current high quality zooms is amazing, and I have no doubt that the Pany 100-400mm will be any different. From the images I've seen so far, the lens looks to be pretty compact -- perhaps 8.25 in. or so. Even if it is a telescoping design, it won't take up much bag space, nor add too much weight.

I'm at the stage in life where I am only willing to haul a lot of gear when I'm being paid for it. I don't relish the idea of hauling a big bag full of prime lenses into the field when I can cover 12mm to 400mm with just three fairly compact, light weight zooms.

In regard to the f/6.3 aperture at 400mm, I don't have the aversion to running up the ISO that some here do. Even at ISO 3200 I get very printable image results.

In addition, I would bet that there isn't a single person on this forum who could tell whether an image was shot with a good zoom or a good prime, without the exif to look at -- but it makes for great debating material.

By the way, I love your work -- very nice stuff.

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