Tamron 17-50 2.8 (non-VC) vs. Tamron 17-50 2.8 (VC)

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Re: Tamron 17-50 2.8 (non-VC) vs. Tamron 17-50 2.8 (VC)

awaisbilal wrote:

Vernon D Rainwater wrote:

awaisbilal wrote:

So it that means non-VC can only be used for outdoor landscape photography... Okay I will sell it and get VC version!

Suggest you test the specific type of usage (regarding available light) before assuming you can get what you desire as a result of the VC. These both are 2:8 lens and I personally would NOT depend on either for Weddings -- instead, I would use a good External Flash.

I have the non VC that I bought several years ago before there was a VC model. It took a lot of testing, exchanging a few times for another copy, and finally I got a good working lens. However, I will repeat again -- I would not use it for available light Wedding Photography. There is a VERY shallow depth of field at 2:8 and many times will not cover the subjects to all be in focus.

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thanks for feedback, what lens would you use with good external flashes?

btw i have sold non-vc and bought VC .. so far very happy with its performance!

i think i had bad copy of non-vc.

There is nothing wrong with using either of the discussed Models of Tamron lens -- Providing they are a good and tested copy to confirm they don't have issues -- My non VC that I "finally" got a good copy is a very good lens.

However, since weddings of course are primarily of people images and for this reason I prefer to NOT use the wider angle (such as 17-25 mm range) due to the normal image distortion which definitely is NOT preferred for people images.

I also have the Tamron 28-75 2:8 lens that is an excellent copy (the first and only one received) and I prefer that "lower" zoom range for people images.  I have several Canon Lens, both Zoom and Prime lens so I use different lens as needed for the exposures.

For general Photography when using my Canon Crop cameras, I actually have become very pleased with the Canon 18-200 zoom lens.  It totally surprised me with the quality since it is NOT one of Canon higher rated lens.

I am currently somewhat limited with lens choice for use with my full frame Canons (1DS MKII and 1DS MKIII) -- since these cameras are fairly new for me.

Rather important when using External Flash is to have the reflector to be much higher than the lens which almost completely eliminates red eye and Shadows.

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