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Re: Panny 100-400mm news - From the horses mouth

Tom Caldwell wrote:

nzmacro wrote:

Harold66 wrote:

Nuts About Photography wrote:

I was at a trade show yesterday and met with the national reps for Panasonic.

They confirmed the 100-400 would be shipping to the reps in December so they can show them to dealers, etc. Then the actual product would ship for retail sales in January.

Cost would be in the $2K area, Canadian, so maybe near $1500US$.

So, time to put this on your list for Santa!

I wonder who in these forums and out there really need such a lens . Hard to imagine that this could be useful for more than a very few photographers ( professional birders I guess )

in the meanwhile there is still no affordable , reasonably light 300mm equivalent , arguably the single most significant gap in the m4/3 lens line up among commonly used focal lengths


That's a long winded way of saying ....... "Harold doesn't need this lens" Plenty in here want and deserve this lens Harold. BTW, I don't want it, but that's not the point.

A bit like me saying who needs a wide angle, what for

All the best.


Danny you would also know and possibly agree that the FD 300/5.6 is reasonably compact, fairly light and a very good performer. Not that expensive and easily found by wanna-300's as well. Pity for most that it is MF only.

But if they want really fast and AF we are talking a whole new language.

I also use an FD 100-300 F/5.6L Tom. Fluorite and ULD element, light weight and as sharp as a tack for a tele zoom, no CA anywhere near it. Push pull and smooth as silk. At F/5.6 its kept the size down as well.

I did have the 300 F/5.6 years ago for the SLR's Tom. At the time is was a fine lens and nothing wrong with it at all. On a digital sensor it might well show up a bit of CA though.

All the best Tom.


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