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A few things come to mind with this lens

A large tele lens needs a decent sized lens hood. Has anyone seen one with the lens hood on ? So it starts to grow and do you need a long lens hood, IMO yes you do.

As mentioned by a few in here, how much will it extend when zoomed out to the 400mm position. The Panasonic 45-200 and the 100-300 both extend of course and more than likely this one will as well, its just a matter of how much. Its also the weakest link in any zoom that extends.

Now comes the most important part as far as I'm concerned. Will it be darn sharp used wide open at the F/6.3 at 400mm or will it need to be stopped down a stop or two. It needs to be sharp wide open or in the ball park at least. If you have to stop it down to F/8 - F/11 to get sharp shots, in which case ...... buyer be ware and especially early adopters.

At F/6.3 at 400mm and knowing my EXIF's fairly well I would not have an issue with it in good light, not a problem. If people want to throw it into full auto modes and auto ISO, then good luck with that.

Panasonic knows what's needed in a lens that costs that much and branded the way it will be, so it should be excellent used wide open, if you want the shutter speeds for sports and BIF's, it needs to be. Panasonic should have that under control with decent corrected ULD elements anyway.

A TC, well that's going to be a tricky one. 1.4x TC is going to make it an F/9 roughly. Will AF work at that, will it need to be stopped down even more to get sharp results.

All the best and just thinking out loud. Time will tell for sure.


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