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Re: Panny 100-400mm news - From the horses mouth

Tony8232 wrote:

What? If as you say the market for a high performance zoom is small then the market for a 150mm M43 lens has to be miniscule. The zoom would vastly outsell it. That is probably why there isn't one available at this time.

You are kidding that ?

Why don t you check on photo stores and check how many lenses with the FOV of 800 ( in 35mm equivalents) are out there on the market regardless of the brand compared to a FOV of 300mm (in 35mm equivalent)

Not to mention that a 2.8/150mm would be more than half the weight and more than half the price  of that Panny zoom

Despite the desperate attempts of claims such as yours it is easy to find out that lenses with a focal range between 24mm to 100 mm outsell the others and that the tele FOV from 200 to 400mm ( again in 35mm equivalents) far outsell longer focal lengths especially in smaller sensor formats

But if you want to get that zoom lens , go ahead. Makes no difference to me


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