Olympus T-32 Flash on E-M5?

Started Feb 21, 2013 | Questions thread
Paulmorgan Veteran Member • Posts: 6,610
Re: Olympus T-32 Flash on E-M5?

Sergey Borachev wrote:

Hi, any T-32 owners here?

Found this flash, left over from the OM days and I think its low profile should be good for the E-M5, but has anyone actually tried using the T-32 flash on the E-M5 and can comment or show photos?

There were some posts here and elsewhere saying this combination should be fine, but I could not find any one commenting from actual experience using the flash this way. According to what I can find, the trigger voltage is not a problem. The Botzilla trigger voltage listing said the highest voltage for the T-32 is 11.3V and that is well below the 24V for the E-M5. Could there be any electrical contact mismatch issue or any polarity issue?

Both the T20 and T32 work well in auto or manual mode and the trigger voltages are low enough as to not cause any problems.

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