NX300 firmware hack to remove video recording limitations

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A very important change to make would be ...

If the NX300 could use the same AVC H.264 profile as the NX3000, it would make a major difference to video quality. I have both the NX300 and NX3000 and the NX3000 has much better quality video with less problem with macro-blocking and noise.

It may be something that is relatively easy to achieve, or then again maybe not??!! I'm sure that this is just in software and I would imagine that the camera is loaded with the ability to use different AVC profiles but one would need to locate the switch somewhere in the code.

The differences in H.264 profiling between the two cameras is shown below, the baseline profile used by the NX300 is best suited to a cheap web-cam not a camera of this quality, until this day I am still stunned as to why Samsung did this when most of the other NX cameras use "High" and not "Baseline" profiles:

Samsung NX300 Format : AVC
Format profile : Baseline@L4.2
Format settings, CABAC : No
Format settings, ReFrames : 1 frame

Samsung NX3000 Format : AVC
Format profile : High@L4.0
Format settings, CABAC : Yes
Format settings, ReFrames : 2 frames

Good luck with your research, I really like the NX300 but the video quality is a let down, so if you ever find a solution to the profiling I will be forever in your debt!

Cheers, Paul.

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