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Re: Dammit

I thought this thread was going to contain interesting ideas about what the S3 might have, when it might be released, and how much it might cost. Now you've wasted 5 minutes of my life reading & responding to this stupid garbage that is worse than listening to the heartbeat of rumor.

At least when I see that, I know it was with a good intention. This was just simply a complete & utter deception. "S3!!!!!!!!" .... or not. Fooled ya. You fell into my lies. Another sucker trapped into my useless smoke & mirror tricks.

Here's something about rumors. Sometimes they are based on fact. A person who speaks to a rep might actually gain some piece of information that they don't quite understand but they do realize that the rep does know something. A friend of a friend of a friend might hold a seed of truth. Stuff gets leaked from companies all the time. Some pieces of truth are there. And as rumors increase, and you are preceptive, then you will know when to start thinking about selling the S2 because the time for the newsflash is just around the corner. Anyway, that's my plan. I'll sell high, do without for a little while, then buy at less than retail. But that's me.

Anyway, I'd rather be completely tricked by someone with a photoshoped mock S3 & a fake news flash than have someone tell me what I should post because they don't like seeing S3 posts. DON"T READ THEM!! At least their lies had a bit of cleverness to them. This is just a complete waste of space by some freaky pseudo-admin wanna-be Phil Askey. Go make your own forums if you wanna make the rules.

GoncaloProenca wrote:

OR NOT ! gosh.. I thought posting this a while back , but now
things have calm down.. but recent events made the "smart a$$es"
uprising again...

Gosh.. I love this forum. but I HATE pollution. and I mean those
idiotic posts with "New S3 !! " or the ones I love "oh I have a
cousin that works at fuji" or "I've been with a fuji rep and he
said that the S3 will be bla bla bla"

Please, begone. Stop guessing. I really hate the S3 posts. I know,
Iknow , the mouse is the best forum filter, dont open it,. but it
adds up with idiotic posts and takes room out for good posts or
"hides" the posts that people write with advices, lens opinions,
pictures, etc.

When S3 comes out, we all talk about it. Until then, please refrain
your imagination.
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