Einstein E640 + Vagabond Mini vs. Rovelight vs. Interfit S1

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Einstein E640 + Vagabond Mini vs. Rovelight vs. Interfit S1

I am still attempting to find the best compromise for a portable strobe solution. I have mostly narrowed it down to the Einstein E640 + Vagabond Mini vs. Interfit S1 vs. Rovelight. I had also looked at the Baja B4 but it seems underpowered compared to these other solutions. There are other external battery pack solutions like the Cheetah, but it seems the Einstein is easily the best light if I'm going to lugging around an external battery.

The Rovelight:

Seems to be the best for the money, provided that the updated trigger works well.

  • $480 for 600w
  • Lacks groups if I decide to add in additional lights. But since this will be used mostly outdoors, portability is my highest priority, and I may decide that a single light setup is ideal.
  • Recycle time is 4.5 seconds at full power.
  • Lightest of all the setups at only 5.5lbs. 

The Interfit:

The most expensive option but may be the best given that the battery is in the head like the Rovelight, but it supports groups and true pulsing HSS.

  • Seems to mimic the popular Profoto B1 in most regards.
  • $1000 for only 500w is still steep.
  • Recycle time is 3 seconds at full power.
  • Not yet available, no long term feedback
  • The Interfit weighs 6.3lbs.

The Einstein:

Falls somewhere in between. For the money it sounds pretty incredible

  • $500 for 640w, $740 with the Vagabond Mini)
  • Lugging around the Vagabond Mini battery pack sounds like a pain. Anyone who uses this setup, can the Vagabond basically be left mounted to my lightstand at all times? If this is the case it may not be too much of an issue, apart from the nuisance of cords.
  • Weighs 4lbs 5oz. With the 3.5lb Vagabond Mini + power cord the setup totals close to 8lbs.
  • It doesn't seem to support HSS but I did see one person who claimed it does.
  • Recycle time is 3.6 seconds at full power.
  • If I decide to add more lights in the future the Cybercommander seems to be an awesome remote solution compared to what is available on the Rovelight (using multiple separate triggers to adjust power).


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