PNG format and interlaced and non interlaced difference...

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Re: PNG format and interlaced and non interlaced difference...

Thank you aruzinsky; Thank you for very clear explanation. You've been very helpful.


aruzinsky wrote:

Andy wrote:

What is the difference between interlaced and non interlaced
options in PNG format? I believe PNG is lossless. Is that true?

Thank you in advance.

Noninterlaced is read top down. When your browser reads a
noninterlaced image, the image serves as its own progress bar.
Interlaced is read in interspersed scan lines. When your browser
reads an interlaced image, at first, the image looks like apcray,
and then it gets better and better looking until the entire image
is downloaded. The problem is that an impatient viewer may decide
that the interlaced image is apcray before it completely downloads
and click the back button on the browser. (Yes, the person who
invented interlaced PNG and all the surrounding "yes men" are

PNG uses only lossless compression and supports both 24 and 48 bit

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