Is Paris safe to bring camera gear / best way to carry it?

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Re: How wide?

lokiminion wrote

Now I got one more question for those who have gone to Paris recently. How wide of a lens would you go? Is 24mm enough or really need 20mm and wider for those churches, palaces and museums?

Thanks for all the comments - last time I went to Paris was 10 years ago and I carried a 2mp Canon powershot and had no cash so excited to experience the city without being a poor college student.

When it comes to travel photography I believe that the wider the better. I took a 10-18mm zoom for my A6000 and even a fisheye. The fisheye let me get a great picture of Napoleons Tomb that would not have been possible otherwise due to the way the room is laid out.

It's like a the World's Most Interesting Photographer says: I don't always use a fisheye, but when I do I always get some great shots.

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