How do I turn off Exposure Preview in Live View?

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Re: How do I turn off Exposure Preview in Live View?

Martin Grecner wrote:

OK button turns exposure preview both on and off, it acts like a toggle.

In all modes it brings up the light meter and also live histogram if selected using Info button.

Unfortunately, in M mode it does not do anything else.

In P and S mode, when turned on, it adjusts the lens aperture to what you see in the display.

Also note, that in P and S mode, when you turn exposure preview off, the lens aperture stays at the value which was selected in the moment of leaving exposure preview. It only re-adjusts to some other value (I tested in low light, so it was always to fully open) when it becomes too dark to display.

In A mode, lens aperture is always adjusted regardless of exposure simulation.

In P, A and S modes it also darkens or lightens the display as you dial in some exposure compensation, which, along with the live histogram and light meter I believe is the whole point of exposure preview mode.

In neither mode leaving the exposure simulation does guarantee you that your lens will set to the maximum aperture for critical focus, unless it is too dark, low ISO is selected and you are in P or S mode.

In M mode, leaving the exposure simulation does not keep the display equally bright regardless of the selected exposure.



Thank you for this post of many years ago that you did.  I have been struggling with this for a long time, (why could I not see a bright image on LCD when using say f/14 in A mode).  I tried to brighten the monitor via live view and no dice - it was greyed out.  So as a final resort I called Nikon and of course they had no clue and wanted me to send camera back to Nikon for repair which I of course did not.  I did a zillion google searches and after an afternoon trying to figure out what I was doing wrong, your post came up.  Bingo, answer solved and I truly thank you.

Thank you, Thank you . . . . . .

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