Sony RX100M2 Image Quality

Started Feb 27, 2014 | Questions thread
Mack65 New Member • Posts: 1
Re: Sony RX100M2 Image Quality

I have to agree about the focusing as my Rx100m2 has about 50/50 really sharp images. The normal photographer would not even notice this but I have and really am a bit disappointed that Sony did not improve the focus system on the m2. I had a mk1 and I sold it because of this. The flash is also really underpowered anything more than 2mtr at 100mm needs the iso upped to get a reasonable exposure. Not a Canon fan either as they have let the world pass them by and are now rushing out new models to catch up. Just bought a old d3200 (my first Nikon) at less than half the price of my Rx100 and I am really really impressed. My advice is certainly look at all the reviews and comments and but take them all with a pinch of salt. I do not think reviewers are impartial . Look down DP reviews and you will  there are a lot of first class cameras that they managed to skip reviewing maybe adverting revenue has something to do with it.

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