“Fastest Lens In the World” – The Handevision Ibelux 40mm f/0.85

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Re: Flogging a dead horse!

Pedagydusz wrote:

I don't think the subject really deserves much arguing about, it is ridiculously unimportant. However, I disagree with you in a couple of points.

First, the term "fast" to classify a lens according to maximum aperture was coined decades ago, when photographers were using film cameras. And we have to agree that it is a daft word to describe aperture. The reason it was used was to describe the behaviour relatively to exposure, i.e., what shutter speed was usable to give a good exposure. Nothing to do with depth of field, or with noise - after all, noise was very much a question of film grain, independently of film size or anything else.

In fact, I used a camera with 6x6 cm negatives that had a 75 mm lens f/3.5. Now I leave to you to calculate how "fast" that lens is, in terms of equivalence: the film area is over 6 times greater than 35 mm film - or FF digital, for that matter.

So, I think that "fast" or "slow" are particularly inappropriate terms to use in the context of equivalence. Yes, I know all about equivalence, don't even call it "theory", it is simply a fact. But just think about this: let's have a shoot out to decide which lens is "faster", the fast lens quoted by the OP several years ago or the Leica you refer.

To be fair, let's put both in the same camera. Since there are Leica mount to MFT mount adapters, let's put both on a MFT camera. Which is "faster", by any criterium, reasonable or silly?

BTW, I never heard again of the OP's "fast" lens, I assume it isn't even around anymore.

Talk about flogging a dead horse!

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You can rent it from Lens Rentals.

It is also available in APSC mounts.

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