D750 shutter got stuck with --Err-- error

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Re: D750 shutter got stuck with --Err-- error - ME TOO

stevef1961 wrote:

LepuZz wrote:


and did nikon resolve the issues?

I have the same since yesterday. It occured twice during the day. The D750 is four month old now. Both sd cards works fine in a D610 for one and a half year without any issues.


My 750 locked with mirror up upon first powering it on and taking the first picture of the day approximately a half dozen times. I suspected that maybe it had to do with lens changes. I'd have to power the camera off, the mirror would slap down, and then it'd be fine. Fine until I started to get a bright (from light entering) line onto all my images in the shape of an arc. Turns out it was the shutter arm that either broke or a rivet popped out...

Went into Nikon for repair and a shutter assy replacement.

Did the broken shutter arm happen because of the lock-ups? Don't think so, but it hasn't happened again since the Shutter replacment.

I had the same problem 10 days ago: at first a series of blocks with "ERR", then the shutter finally crashed.

The local repairer doesn't believe me, he said that i "must" have touched the shutter blades. But I never did, I didn't even clean the sensor (the 750 is only 5 months old)... So I must pay € 400 for shutter replacement.

Is this the beginning of a new problem for the D750?

BTW - here on DPR there is another thread for the same problem here:


I'm getting a bit angry with Nikon

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