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Re: Do not buy E-M5, look at focal reducers

Astrotripper wrote:

Do not buy Olympus E-M5 if you want modern MF assist features like focus peaking. I would also not bother with EOS M3 either (too expensive for what it offers).

The biggest advantage of Olympus bodies is that you will have image stabilization, both for shooting and for live view.

A used E-M10body should be quite cheap nowadays, and offers very nice 3-axis IS, as well as focus peaking. I've used one with my old manual glass and it works very well. You have magnified view, you have focus peaking, you can assign both to function buttons, and you can engage both at the same time. And you can have your live view stabilized as you do it. All this makes focusing manually pretty simple and easy. A higher resolution EVF would be nicer of course, but it's ok for such a cheap camera. A tilting display is god-sent as well

Also, you might want to look into cheap focal reducers. There are ones for FD=>M4/3. This will change the crop factor from x2, to x1.4.

So a 50mm f/1.2 with focal reducer becomes 38.5mm f/0.9 (which translates to 77mm equivalent in terms of FoV and f/1.8 equivalent in terms of DoF)

With normal adapter, a 50mm f/1.2 will be equivalent to 110mm f/2.4 in terms of FoV and DoF.

Both options should be pretty useful. I've been using legacy 55/1.4 (with a normal adapter) pretty much exclusively with my first M4/3 camera (E-PL1). It's a perfectly workable combination for outdoors if you don't mind long focal lengths.

Anyway, those cheap focal reducers will probably not work all that great with such a fast lens, so I would not expect such a combo to work well wide open.

On the FL lenses at least I suggest that the "50-ish"mm Canon MF f1.4 lenses are better overall performers than their f1.2 lens versions excepting perhaps the revered and impossibly priced aspherical.

Focal reducers generally speaking enhance the better performing parts of the lens attached and also enhance their little failures.  But Brian C claims that the new Ultra adapters only enhance the perfomance of any lens attached.  Something that I have had no reason to disbelieve.

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