Workflow when travelling with a tablet for backup

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Re: Workflow when travelling with a tablet for backup

Chris R-UK wrote:

photofreak985 wrote:

I use an Android tablet and a windows laptop. Apart from relying on backup on other storage devices, I also keep my work on Dropbox as a safety measure.

Can you actually backup on the tablet? The only other comment on Android tablets in this thread says that it is very difficult.

At the moment I am looking at Windows tablets since they seem to be the only practical option for backing up onto a Micro SD card.

Although I use a windows tablet now I have in the past backed up on an android tablet. Using an OTG cable you can simply plug in a SD card reader and using a file manager app just copy and paste to the tablets micro SD. I then went one step further and plugged in an external HDD and copied them across to there but this isn't really necessary, especially if you're uploading to dropbox.

I'm not sure if this works with all tablets without some form of rooting though. At the time I had a samsung tablet which from what I gather normally are more agreeable with external storage.

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