What if Ricoh bought all Samsung's mirrorless technology?

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Re: What if Ricoh bought all Samsung's mirrorless technology?

anthony mazzeri wrote:

Alex Sarbu wrote:

You can see that Ricoh is not pumping lots of money into Ricoh Imaging; they want that division to be profitable and stand on their feet.

Good on them. 'Ricoh Imaging' is profitable now.

So where's the Ricoh camera system now that they couldn't afford to develop before according to you?

They still can't afford to develop it.

Again the same question, why would any of us wanting a Ricoh system be celebrating Ricoh Imaging making profits if this means we only have the Pentax Q now instead?

I'm not saying you should celebrate anything.

You're argument is just a hypothetical/maybe they wouldn't have devleoped a GXR system even if they didn't acquire the Q system, whereas I see no evidence of this at all. The fact is that has DEFINITELY only happened after acquiring Pentax.

Your argument is just a hypothetical/maybe they would have developed a GXR system if they didn't acquire Pentax. You have no indication that this might be the case - while I mentioned before their unwillingness to pump money into a money-losing division.

Tell me - if you can: what make you think that Ricoh would suddenly spend lots of money into:

- R&D required to launch a new mirrorless system, camera(s) and lenses

- increasing production capacity - several times for camera(s), and almost starting from scratch for lenses (assuming they want to reach decent volumes and turn around the camera division)

- marketing, distribution etc.

What makes you think that in 2011, if they didn't had the opportunity to buy Pentax, they would have started this lengthy and costly process instead?

PS. Look at my previous PS re the Theta and rugged/actions you mention twice. I regard them as being in the consumer category so not part of any proper camera system discussion.

Actually the rugged Ricoh compacts (and by that I meant the G800 series) are more on the business, than consumer side.

But for argument's sake assume they are - again the same question, how is this better for us? So what if 'Ricoh Imaging' are indeed now making money from the Theta and ruggeds? How does that help any of us wanting a decent Ricoh mirrorless system on par with the GXR now instead of just the Pentax Q? I expect now any profits to be poured into developing their existing Q system further, instead of a whole new one - which in essence means we had more chance of seeing a GXR system bnefore when they were losing money and needed to do something new.

You are make a mistake by considering that Ricoh buying Pentax is why you don't have your "decent Ricoh mirrorless system". Again, you have nothing to base your assumption on. Just wishful thinking, which didn't come true and you're blaming Pentax for that.

Actually Q is a low maintenance cost system, and we didn't had any new Q product this year. Stop assuming, and look around for facts, as they're readily available.

A Pentax/Ricoh mirrorless system might be feasible, but IMO not before 2017 (FF takes priority). It would be done using money gained from the K-mount.

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