What if Ricoh bought all Samsung's mirrorless technology?

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Re: What if Ricoh bought all Samsung's mirrorless technology?

anthony mazzeri wrote:

Alex Sarbu wrote:

It would be bad, because Ricoh was losing money with the GXRs;

That means Ricoh pumping lots of money into a money-losing division

The GXRs were losing money,

As I already said several times, the Ricoh camera division was losing money. Can you call that "doing way better"?

I'm not sure why you're so concerned about Ricoh losing money with the GXR. They weren't.

Ricoh's camera division (pre-Pentax M&A) was losing money. I've got that from Ricoh's own financial documents.

Their camera division was a fraction of a decimal point of a percentage of a single digit percentage of a fraction of part of their business and not even a mention on their annual report listed under "other". More like a vanity project for the company history and image like a large brewery keeps on its wagons and draught horses.

The fact is before they WERE making the GXR. Now they AREN'T making it, or any successor. How on earth can you be arguing that can possibly be an improvement for any of us if Ricoh is now not losing money on not making cameras?

My point is that we don't know if they would have continued the GXR line, or the entire camera division, if they haven't acquired Pentax. You should not see Pentax as an 'enemy' (as I'm not seeing Ricoh as an 'enemy').

In hindsight buying Pentax was the worse thing that could have happened to Ricoh cameras. What's the difference if they exit the business after a launching failed mirrorless system, or they are exiting now after launching nothing. I'd prefer the former.

I'd prefer them to succeed. I'm amazing that you'd rather see them fail in a last futile attempt...

I don't say at all I wouild like to see them fail. Where do I say that?

It's quoted above. You would prefer them to exit the business after a failed mirrorless launch; preferable to buying Pentax ("the worse thing"), which allowed Ricoh to turn around the camera division.

All Ricoh cameras but one now have already exited the camera market. I would prefer they had given it a proper shot at a mirrorless and at least go out trying, than by not even trying.

That's not true. There's the GR - made after the M&A of Pentax Imaging Systems. There's the Theta. There are the rugged compacts.

And you have nothing but wishful thinking to support the theory of Ricoh's "proper shot at a mirrorless". I don't think that was feasible pre-Pentax. I think that might become possible in the future, because of Pentax.

You can see that Ricoh is not pumping lots of money into Ricoh Imaging; they want that division to be profitable and stand on their feet. That's why Ricoh pumping lots of money in a Ricoh-only mirrorless system is not plausible... and they had time to do it, but didn't. Their choice was the classical M&A (effective and safe).

Again I ask, how on earth does it help any of us who want a Ricoh camera if they are earning profits by only making Pentax DSLRs?

That's not exactly true. The GRs have their contribution, so does the Theta, and the rugged compacts. But of course, the Pentax-branded products - there are more of them, and most of them of much higher volumes - are contributing a lot. But is making profit a bad thing?

Personally I hope for more integration between Ricoh and Pentax technologies. Taking the strong points of each, we'll get some amazing cameras.

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