What if Ricoh bought all Samsung's mirrorless technology?

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Re: What if Ricoh bought all Samsung's mirrorless technology?

anthony mazzeri wrote:

Alex Sarbu wrote:

Can't you see it? Ricoh without Pentax would continue to be a tiny little camera company playing well under the radar.

And that would be good, they would have continued making great cameras. The GRD led to the GXR which led to the GR, which could have led to a mirrorless system like the Fuji and Sony fixed lens models led to their mirrorless versions. Which isn't wishful thinking or dreaming at all as these two other companies have shown it's a natural progression.

But nope, all Ricoh cameras bar one got killed stone dead by the acquisition of Pentax which is doing exactly what it was doing before Ricoh, making DSLRs and the Q, with really nowt to do with Ricoh cameras at all. There's not even been even a hint of Ricoh firmware appearing in any Pentax camera so far. This is what everyone was expecting, even the DPR article writers at the time, so why is that?

So in effect, Ricoh cameras were doing way better before buying Pentax which has instigated the end of Ricoh cameras plural. Just one camera now, like the last of a species. After the half-hearted GR II, if they don't make a GR III now then the Ricoh firmware will cease to exist. It won't ever appear in any Pentax camera so it'll be dead.

In hindsight buying Pentax was the worse thing that could have happened to Ricoh cameras. What's the difference if they exit the business after a launching failed mirrorless system, or they are exiting now after launching nothing. I'd prefer the former.

NB. I don't include the Theta and the waterproofs as at this point they are just consumer P&S varieties which come and go at the whim of the fickle market so are not part of any long term camera system discussion.

Well said Anthony.

Pentax failed, Hoya rescued it, Ricoh rescued Hoya.  Pentax is doing its level best to fail again and take Ricoh cameras with it. Pursuing the dream of the mighty Pentax name that deserves respect but increasingly is losing it because it insists on living in the days of past glories and somehow thinks that it is still one of the big three Canon-Nikon-Pentax if only Ricoh will keep funding it.

The Q was nice but the Panasonic GM1/5 has gazumped it and the Q has now lost its way.  I cannot expect another Q model to appear.  The Q mount is therefore dead.

The dslr is yesterdays technology and I find it hard why Pentax should find new converts considering that its market presence is small and any new lenses bought are going to have the longer flange focal length only really suitable for dslr bodies.

Lens variety made the dslr and lack of new lens sales may be the reason why ultimately the dslr concept might fail. Pentax is oblivious to everything apart from its great name  .....

The GXR was brilliant but unfinished business.  Great firmware was developed and now left to moulder away.  Whether something can still be retrieved from Ricoh expertise remains to be seen but the more water that flows under the bridge the less likely this seems.

I like what Ricoh does, I am not as impressed by Pentax. I still have a shelf of Canon EF lenses but have not bought a Canon dslr body for at least six years, possibly more.  Why might I buy a Pentax dslr body and set about buying Pentax lenses?  I might as well buy a future-safe Sony A7#II body with FF sensor and oem lenses that suit it.  However I don't like Sony design and Sony firmware so I have made my bed with the M4/3 system.

As Ricoh seems to be going nowhere and Pentax have produced nothing truly forward looking the Ricoh followers are simply drifting away to other brands (not Pentax).

Luckily I have invested in some GXR "classic" gear as it goes down the same track as Epson.

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