initial lens selection for A7Rii

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Re: Yep the 28 makes the grade

I've got the 28 as well as the Batis and the 35 1.4.

The 28 is usable at f2 in the centre; really decently sharp. The Batis is maybe a fraction better centrally, and the sharp zone is somewhat larger.

As you stop down the 28 it gets very sharp indeed: as good as the others centrally, but just a little less even.

You have a choice of not correcting for distortion in which case what you get is a 26mm with distortion, or correcting in which case it's 28mm as advertised. The uncorrected image has rather a lot of distortion, so if there are buildings etc you will want to activate correction.

Another nice thing is that the MTF10 is really high, so the lens has a great contrasty punchy feel that usually matters more than the last bit of sharpness to pixel peed in the extreme corners.

I'd be surprised if you didn't like it; and it's small and inexpensive..

Agreed. It also has a shorter MFD compared to the FE 35/2.8, which comes in useful for food shots in tight seating situations I ended up selling the FE 35/2.8 and keeping the FE 28.

Another plus for me: I love the 40mm FOV, which I can achieve via crop mode on my A7R II using the FE 28 (can be achieved by cropping in post, but I prefer the visual while shooting).

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