initial lens selection for A7Rii

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Re: initial lens selection for A7Rii

Fotoloco wrote:

I am thinking of dipping my toes into the Sony pond (currently a Nikon D810 guy), and trying to pick 3 lenses that will cover a decent range of situations from travel and street to high quality location and studio portraits. If I like, i may sell off the Nikon system and convert all the way or may just end up hybrid. Here is what I am thinking:

Sony 28 f2.0

Sony 55 f1.8

Batis 85 f1.8

I have no reservations about the 55 & 85. Would love to have the Batis 25 and Sony 35 1.4 in place of the 28, but that is an extra lens, extra weight, and $$$. Occasionally the 1.4 on the 35 vs 2.8 equiv dof of the 28 when cropped to 35 would be nice, but the 28 may be a little more versatile (can crop to 30 or 31vs lowest i can go with 35 is 35).

I can always add 16-35 zoom or a 15 and 20-21 prime to the 28.

I can add the 90 macro later, the adapted Sony 135 (or hopefully a native 135 will be offered), and/or the 70-200 f4.0 zoom.

So i am trying to decide if the 28 makes the grade.

I tried the 28mm f2 and decided to sell it. The 28mm f2 is a sharp lens but I found it had a tendency to unnaturally distort people and the colors were inferior to the Zeiss lenses at 35mm out of the camera. I'm sure you can use lightroom to adjust the colors but the natural color casts are definitely flatter. Also, the build quality sucked and the paint came off when a filter ring got stuck and I had to pull it off which is why I had to sell it vs. return in store.

I ended up getting a Batis 25, which is a great lens for all the reasons the 28mm f2 isn't - great colors, equally sharp if not more and very little distortion however like you said it is definitely larger and I'm not a fan of the Touit style design.


Similar to an above poster, I would recommend getting one of the 35mm lenses too - either the 35mm f2.8 or the Loxia 35. I have the loxia lenses and they are great to use (manual focus with it is easy and fun) and love the image quality out of it. However, I'm still tempted to buy the 35mm f2.8 since the used prices for those have come down a lot and it's just so compact but hard to justify owning since I'm very attached to my loxia (paying full retail for it will do that to you).

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