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Re: reasons to switch

Thanks for your information.  I think I have the idea to keep the D810 for nature/birding which I rarely do but enjoy and use the Sony for landscape/travel.  I was recently on a trip to the Rockies with very experienced photographers who all used live view and manual focussing.  I really tried to use it on the D810 but I found it difficult so I kept switching back to auto focus (which worked fine by the day).  I was thinking that it would be easier to use manual focussing on the Sony and most serious landscapers seem to use LV/ manual focussing.  I really am looking for lighter gear now- but I'm not that much into prime lenses.  However, I could see myself getting the 16-35 and maybe a 55 prime  to start with.   Also, I understand that the Sony's sensor attracts a lot more dust than the Nikon's-maybe because of no mirror so with a zoom I wouldn't have to change the lenses as much.


Fotoloco wrote:

If you stick with the body and a few carefully selected primes, lightweight and small compared to 810 plus lenses (not so much when you add 1.4s or fast zooms). Think the D810 with Sigma 50 1.4 A vs. the A7Rii with the 55 1.8 (yes you can put 50 1.8 on the 810, but not as good as the Sigma where the Sony 1.8 seems very close to as good).

The Eye focus seems a very nice upgrade from the Nikon which does work pretty well if you use it right.

What you see is what you get view finder re exposure and white balance without having to chimp after.

Manual focus and peaking for certain situations.

Tilt screen.

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