initial lens selection for A7Rii

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Re: "starter kit"...

Yes - a hella starter kit for sure. I currently have the Nikon as I mentioned, the OMD EM1, and a bunch of lenses for both. I would like to consolidate into one system if possible. I would sell off all the EM1 stuff and a couple Nikon lenses to finance the Sony "starter kit", then, if really liked, dump the rest of the Nikon stuff to finance additional lenses etc. I should actually be cost neutral or even a bit ahead when I finish (unless I do not dump rest of Nikon). Since I do not do a lot of the type of photography where a DSLR has distinct advantages, I think I can get away with combining into one.

I may also consider as a starting point:

Batis 25

Sony 55 1.8

Sony A mount 135 1.8 with adaptor

That would keep me going good for a very long time. The 135 would give me a 10mp center crop at 270mm equiv and 1.8 speed with 3.6 dof as well as being a killer short tele and portrait lens. I can crop up the 55 to 85 and the 25 to 30+  giving me 25-270 with three primes.

i would prefer to have an adaptorless 135 that is slightly smaller and less heavy, but if I have to, I can live with it. by the time I am ready to pull trigger, maybe one will be at least announced.

I can then see adding a 16-35 or wider than 25 prime and the 90 macro.

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