Error message E:62:10 in 15 month old HX400v

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Re: Error message E:62:10 in 15 month old HX400v

Stephen McDonald wrote:

Over the past 27 years, I've had 16 Sony cameras or camcorders. I've used most of them heavily, for several years in some cases and I've never seen an error message on any of them.

Rough handling may be responsible for these messages, as plugs for wire bundles may be partially detached. What else could explain them working again, after being slapped?

Understand what you are saying Stephen. I have owned the following Sony cameras over the past 15+ years: DSC S50, F717, HX1, HX100 and HX400v. In addition I have previuosly owned a SLT a330 and currently own a SLT a77.

In all that time the only issue I had with one of these cameras was when I received a notice from Sony a number of years ago re: my F717 advising a fault had been found with the camera and asking me to take it to a local repair shop they nominated for a free repair.

I have always looked after my cameras meticulously and NOT ONCE have I received an error message (except for now with the HX400v) or dropped or caused damage to one of the above cameras. When not in use they are kept in a padded camera case.

So with all due respect Stephen, you can rule out rough handling or me dropping the HX400v to cause this error message. As to slapping or giving the camera an intentional knock to get rid of the error message, well, let's just say I am not prepared to take this sort of drastic action.

P.S. I have also owned previously numerous Pentax film cameras over the years (I am 62) and never had a problem with any of those nor with a second hand Canon EOS 1000D or with a Nikon D5100.

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