Error message E:62:10 in 15 month old HX400v

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Re: Error message E:62:10 in 15 month old HX400v

Aisse Gaertner wrote:

I got E:62:10 too. Luckily under warranty.
My hx300 has this error and a friend got this error too.

It is a absurd! Gold times when CS was Made In Japan!

Good features, poor image/manufacturing quality.

I'm leaving Sony...

Sad, isn't it Aisse. At least you were under warranty. I have owned five cybershots in addition to two Sony DSLT's over the past 15 years inclduing: DSC S50, F717, HX1, HX100 and now HX400.

A number of years ago there was an issue with the F717 and Sony did the right thing and told owners to take it to the local Sony repair centre where the problem was fixed at no cost to the owner. When this happened with my F717 it was well outside the warranty period. And that is why I am so upset of this current problem I having with a camera that was 15 months old when it occurred and I reported it to Sony.

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