Ditch your DSLR event at pix2015

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Samsung development in the near future - Re: Ditch your DSLR event at pix2015

Alrighty then!

People are guessing all the time what CaNikon and Sony may do, too, esp. with their APS-C/mirrorless lines. Only few companies publish roadmaps.

Since you are asking for one and many may be wondering:

A short little while ago I talked to a Samsung representative in town about the state of things in the Samsung camera galaxy. He told me a bit of what he knows about their current cam and lens developments, also as he gets to visit their German facility in Schwalbach along with other Samsung reps a couple of times a year. According to him, a lot of research and development is happening at Samsung's camera division. They are set to go into full competition with CaNikon and Sony with very high quality cameras and lenses which also means that they will stop producing cheap compact cams, e.g. below 200 Euros. He also said that they will introduce an FF cam latest by next Photokina in Sept. 2016, he has seen the sensor already, plus 4 fast (FF) lenses, incl. zooms. The already announced 300 mm lens will also be released, possibly as a FF lens. According to him, the development of FF lenses has been holding back the release of Samsung's FF cam. Which makes sense. Regarding the pricing of the FF body, think Sony's FF models.

While this is not official news, of course (!), it does go along with what other dedicated camera store people have told me about Samsung in recent weeks.

Personally, I also wonder whether Nikon will jump on the APS-C/FF mirrorless wagon (according to rumours, yes). Unlike Canon, Nikon are currently dependent on Sony FF and APS-C sensors and have lost their right to be the first to use new Sony sensors to Sony itself. This, alongside Sony's own increasing camera market share and Samsung's likely frontal attack, may shake up the mid- to high-end camera market in the next few years. If anything, I'm worried about Nikon, having used and liked their (D)SLRs for so long. But I'm certainly not worried about Samsung.


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