Workflow when travelling with a tablet for backup

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Re: Workflow when travelling with a tablet for backup

I just used the progenitor to this tablet in the way you intend on a vacation trip to Europe:

For this trip, I shot only JPEG, and I'd copy the card contents to a directory on the tablet nightly. The Windows 10 Photos app is really not that bad a snapshot editor, so I played with it a bit, straightening, some exposure alteration, and occasional cropping. When I got home, I copied the directory structure I'd built to the server where I archive pictures. I still haven't cleared the cards yet, until I'm happy with the alterations I made.

For an upcoming railroad photo expedition, I plan to do mostly the same, except to shoot RAW+JPEG, separate cards for each. I'll copy them to the tablet nightly, and maybe do a bit of play editing with the JPEGs. I'll save the real editing for at home on my Linux desktop with RawTherapee and the RAW files.

For any tablet used in this role, I would not rely on the internal storage; if the thing dies, your files are stuck inside. On my Win tablet, I moved the libraries (Documents, Videos, Pictures, etc...) to a removable SD card, which also has the side benefit of freeing space on the internal drive for installing programs.  I've trashed a couple of laptops where I just had to pull the hard drive and put it in a USB enclosure to retrieve my files; a similar calamity on a tablet, and I'd be up that creek without a paddle if the libraries weren't on removable media.

Cheap tablet works well, but only for that specific use.  I've tried real PP on the tablet, and it's just too slow and small memory-wise.

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