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Re: iMac 27" Resolution Setting

Hi there,
I know this is one year old post, but maybe my comment will help!
I have a 27'' Non-retina iMac, with native 2560x1440
27'' seems like a good idea, but in the end, I think that the 24'' iMacs where perfect (apple not selling any longer)
If I was buying today, I would rather have an 21'' with an external monitor.
Anyway - 2560x1440 is IMPOSSIBLE to work with - by the way, before someone ELSE tells me to "get my eyes checked" wink wink... I do use glasses, But that means I have 100% corrected eye sight!

As I was saying, in my view, 2560x1440 is IMPOSSIBLE to work with.

You just have to be so close to the screen to read the top menu, that you have to move your head to see the entire screen.

I have studied all the tips and tricks, but, to menu bar and other buttons in several applications Office etc, are an overall issue.

Only solution I found was to use 1920x1080. The image quality is ... mediocre... (not smooth like you would expect on a mac...) Changing back and forth from 2550x1440, does hit you in the chest...

For some applications you can use 1220x720 HiDPI - You fool Mac OS into believing that it's a retina display - 1220x720 times 2 = 2560x1440
Image is gorgeous but huge! Nevertheless it may be very useful on some cases - for instance working very far from the screen, or with toolbars set to tiny!

In the end, I use a free app to bring back the monitor icon to the Mac OS top menu bar, so that I can keep changing resolution at leisure with a couple of clicks:


HERE you can learn how to trick mac os into believing you have a retina display:

Hope this has been useful, because... I understand your pain...


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