Thoughts on this BW effect?

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Re: Thoughts on this BW effect?

It's interesting how, in the digital age, the photographer's deliverables are so much different from the film days.

Most pro photographers using film delivered either straight prints from color or B&W negatives, or slides / transparencies.

Other that adjusting the density or contrast of the prints, we delivered what the camera provided.

And we managed, to some extent, what the camera provided by picking our film. Portra NC? Portra VC? etc.

Then, once the picture was out of our hands, art directors took over, and they may or may not have added effects.

On the magazine I edited years ago, the art director turned cover B&W photos into duotones, using a print delivered by a photographer.

But digital moved a lot of manipulation over to the photographer, depending on the assignment and the client and the project and competing egos.

One element: do we (photographers) run the Photoshop effects, or do we tell the client what effects to add?


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