Need a replacement XP 35mm lens hood

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Re: Need a replacement XP 35mm lens hood

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my cat knocked my xp1 off a table, lens hood bent. Where do I buy a replacement? Thanks in advance.

B&H Photo sells the hood for the 18mm f/2.0. I understand that it is interchangeable with the hood for the 35mm f/1.4; same mount size and shape. But, the 18mm hood is made out of plastic, not metal.

Probably not Fuji. My 18 came with a metal hood. I know it's metal as I bent it.

I just bought a brand new 18mm f/2.0 less than a month ago and my hood is plastic. When I saw the B&H listing, I verified that mine was plastic also. Looks like Fuji has switched to plastic, maybe to save money or maybe because it will take a similar hit without breaking. The plastic is pretty heavy duty.

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Could be the 35's are plastic now as well. This is not the first time I've seen discussion on whether they're metal or plastic. "pretty heavy duty" certainly suggests something has changed as the metal ones are quite thin. Compared to my old Nikon hoods, they look smart but are quite delicate.

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