How long will Ken Rockwell ignore Nikon 1?

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Re: How long will Ken Rockwell ignore Nikon 1?

Tord S Eriksson wrote:

CX Bob wrote:

Well, geesh.

It seems to me that Ken has provided an awful lot of useful information over the years.

Sure, sometimes you need to take what he says 'with a grain of salt'.

But you could say the same thing about any of us here!

Grain of salt, of course!

Yes, Ken was almost the only provider of info about old lenses, and their usefulness, or lack thereof, I found on the net, when I switched from Pentax to Nikon. was another!

Pentax was much easier, as the Pentax Forums is an excellent source about anything, even remotely, Pentax!

This is indeed true.

With Pentax it's really easy to go to the forum and fine 20 user reviews for lens that hasn't been made in 2 decades.

Each with scores so you can get whatever vintage glass you'd want with average prices and user scores.

Haven't seen any info like that on any other system(well maybe prestigious Leica but hey i don't have Leica bucks)

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