ODing on dynamic range

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RichyjV wrote:

David Hull wrote:

RichyjV wrote:

Its a lovely photo, and I'm a huge fan of being out there in that kind of environment. But I've also been to some of the darkest places in the world for the best night skies, and although I can see the Milky Way as a slightly brighter area which just about has form, and when my eyes adjust I can see more and more stars (and my vision is excellent), I have not seen it glowing blue like this with my naked eye, in New Zealand, in Yosemite, in Iceland, nowhere. Maybe I've not been in the right places, I'll try in the Canadian Rockies in a couple of weeks again.

Well.... when you were in Yosemite, did any of it look like what Ansell Adams printed? I don't think that art really needs to be in lock step with reality. It seems we are confusing art with journalism a bit.

I haven't made any comments about art and reality, I think you are sticking in your fair comment into a context that implies that I have made assertations which I haven't - that would have been someone else in the post. My comment was just that I have never seen a glowing blue milky way galaxy in the sky with my naked eyes, and I've been to the right skies, which is pretty non-contestable. For what its worth I don't think that 'as you see' landscape photography should be need to be described as journalism, and of course I agree that art is going to be different to reality.

My comment wasn't directed at you specifically.  It is a nice photo even if it isn't really reflective of what the naked eye might actually see in that context.

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