Can rainbows really be good photography?

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Charlie Lab
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Can rainbows really be good photography?

Probably not, but I thought I would share these anyway: if nothing else, it speaks to the wisdom of keeping camera gear handy.

As the family was having dinner last night, the stump of a huge bright rainbow appeared out our front window, over the ocean. As we continued to eat, we watched it grow into a huge arc. Then we watched a second one appear (I didn't realize the second rainbow always has the colours in reverse order). I took the first photograph out the front window, then my son and I ran up a local hill (130+ stairs on a full stomach!) so we could see the whole rainbow at once. Got a little drizzled on, but what a sight! The sunset out the other side was pretty spectacular as well.  The rainbow was so huge it took my fisheye to capture it all in one frame (SEL16+FishEye Adapter).

First picture, as the base of the rainbow appeared over the ocean - Minolta 70-210 F4 @ 210mm

The whole rainbow(s). Looking a lot like a rising planet

Fading into sunset

The sunset, facing the other way


If you take a great photograph, I really don't care whether it came from a Leica or smartphone. Just share it.

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