What if Ricoh bought all Samsung's mirrorless technology?

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Re: What if Ricoh bought all Samsung's mirrorless technology?

anthony mazzeri wrote:

Andrewteee wrote:


I bet after one merger Ricoh has no interest in another, even if it is just buying IP.

Ah, but Ricoh has a long history of growth through continual acquisition, so there's no reason they would stop at just the one!

I'm just speculating about the Samsung mirrorless system because like the Pentax DSLR company suddenly coming up for sale, it would present Ricoh with an opportunity to fill a gap in their lineup.

The irony is that the Pentax acquisition actually created that mirrorless gap as Ricoh abandoned the GXR and its possible successor. So now another acquisition would fix that!

I'm just wanting a mirrorless GXR. Been waiting and waiting...

Some girls just cannot resist a good deal ....

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