What if Ricoh bought all Samsung's mirrorless technology?

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Re: What if Ricoh bought all Samsung's mirrorless technology?

anthony mazzeri wrote:

Tom Caldwell wrote:

I did find the rumour after a search. If they were quitting a business then why not try and clear stocks. Retailers like a deal just as much as consumers do.

On the oher hand if Samsung had already be reducing stockholdings quietly then some models might have been sold out. Simply to quit the business when they have made so massive an investment and they are making some great cameras seems a long bow.

Perhaps a restructuring to a more limited target range of models?

This is probably more likely, similar to Nikon's model releases have slowed down too as they re-assess their whole business - still no sign of the now overdue Coolpix A II or even the much anticipated P8000 yet!

Samsung, like Ricoh must treat their camera division like a hobby business - they are a major conglomeration. Making losses must be tempered with the long term view of building market share. Companies are very conscious of seeking to acquire market share and jealous of losing it.

Isn't Pentax actually profitable for Ricoh now, even if they aren't dominating the market? Maybe actually because they aren't wasting money making a mirrorless system.

Whereas Samsung is even losing money on their well-selling smartphones and tablets, not just their cameras which haven't been selling so well. I understand the long haul strategy, but this sudden quietness on new models specifically after launching their biggest and best camera ever almost a year ago now seems to indicate they may have been pinning their hopes on this flagship model but it hasn't sold as well as expected, so now it's time for that serious rethink.

To throw more meat into the grinder: I think Samsung suffers an "image" problem after spending a good few years churning out budget point'n'shoots. Much of the general public might associate the name with lower grade cameras. Samsung itself has a history of making serious product but to get the fickle consumer to think of their camera gear as serious maybe they are cutting back market presence to return under a different name? More like they might buy Pentax off Ricoh than the other way around.

The one thing Samsung's never been shy about is slapping their name on the front of their cameras, often larger than necessary, so I doubt they'd ever feel the need to adopt a different one!

Even Ricoh might not have the cash to buy out Samsung's camera assets. It is a bit different from the old company on its uppers and Hoya desperate to get shot of it.

Consider the Hoya sale was concluded well before the news was released and any of us knew about it, so for all we know the Samsung deal may already be done and dusted even as we speak. The Ricoh NX...

All I can say is "time will tell".

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