What if Ricoh bought all Samsung's mirrorless technology?

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Re: What if Ricoh bought all Samsung's mirrorless technology?

anthony mazzeri wrote:

Tom Caldwell wrote:

Hopefully it is really a mirrorless with big fat evf lookng just like an ovf. That the mount is one of those retractable PK mounts that were rumoured about some time ago. ie: click it out for existing PK lenses and leave it retracted for a new series of shorter flange focal lenses ....? In this manner it could take the action right up to the A7RII and be truly exciting - as just another FF dslr it is interesting to think about but ultimately a non starter for anyone other than rusted in Pentax dslr users with an existing closet full of lenses.

Don't get your hopes up Tom - it's a standard K-mount DSLR. The prism housing is actually very similar to the one on the Nikon Dƒ.

No hopes, perhaps just wishful thinking.  As a dslr it has no interest for me, I had a FF dslr nine years ago and still use it - the Canon 5D - stilll works well.  No need to upgrade.

Like the K-3 it'll likely be smaller than Nikon or Canon models with the same capabilities, so it will at least have that going for it.

So the Pentax acquisition was a purchase rather than a merger and it has taken Ricoh a long time to digest and regurgitate. Anything with Samsung would overwhelm the Ricoh management team (my guess)

I think the difference is instead of a full acquisition of another company including people and offices etc, they would just need to buy the ready-made NX system intellectual property and technology to incorporate into what they already have.

Hmm. I have no idea (of course) of the extent of the Samsung product inventories. A closure would mean a fire sale and that might be a bit hard to digest.  Throwing a sizable bunch of employees out of work would not go down well politically - the Koreans tend to get a bit emotional about these things.

What is interesting might be the fact that whilst Ricoh has a few mount systems to play with it does not really have a FF short flange focus length mount - the NX mount does flash to mind.

But good product is not always to be had by trying to weld together a bunch of systems that come from different evolved backgrounds.

So not sure how much of it they would actually even need to buy anyway to get a new Ricoh mirrorless up and running. The GXR team already had a lot of what they require anyway like the M mount and the leaf shutter etc so it's really only just an EVF and AF system and lenses and stuff like that.

A mount system that provides short flange focal length for sensors up to FF size.  Samsung also has a good few high quality lenses speifically built for the NX mount.

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