Upgrading Canon 5D2 to Sony A7RII?

Started Sep 20, 2015 | Discussions thread
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added the A7RmkII

I don't think of the A7RmkII as a replacement to my Canon gear, but a replacement for certain applications, primarily landscape, portrait, street, and video. It has that medium format look in these applications, the DR really makes the IQ stand out above other cameras.

People say the A7RmkII overheats shooting video, well so does the 5DmkII recording internally. So video is a second major function to consider when looking to add the Sony. It does a good job at 4K also. Looking at the Atamos Assassin for the overheating problem.

I will replace my 16-35L, adapt the 85/1.2 (great bokeh), replace the 100 macro with the 90 f/2.8 Sony/Zeiss, and keep using the long lenses on the 7D until I get a 7DmkII for wildlife shooting.

The 5DmkII still works well for events, which makes me the most money in my photography endeavors. I don't plan to use the A7RmkII for events, 42mp is overkill for that work.
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