Upgrading Canon 5D2 to Sony A7RII?

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Re: Upgrading Canon 5D2 to Sony A7RII?

Johny bravo wrote:

So I`m a Canon user thinking on upgrading my trusted 5D2 to Sony A7RII, can someone that did this jump give me their thoughts., regarding:

— AF Performance.

No worries, as good as on your/my 5D2.  Works for all the EF lenses I have, including those 15+ years old.

— Image quality.

Now that's an open question.  A 42mp sensor would be demanding on lenses.  Today, my first shooting with my EF 16-35/2.8L (version I) oldie, the lens was eaten by the A7R ii with stills.  But the super-35 4K footage was quite beautiful.


So, if you want to adapt EF lenses, AF speed should not be a concern.  The image quality depends on the lenses you have.  Next, I will do some shooting with my Leica-M lenses, video and stills.

Suggestion: If you shoot stills, and also video, the A7R ii should be a high value choice. Lenses, lenses, lenses, ...


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