Upgrading Canon 5D2 to Sony A7RII?

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Re: Upgrading Canon 5D2 to Sony A7RII?

Johny bravo wrote:

So I`m a Canon user thinking on upgrading my trusted 5D2 to Sony A7RII, can someone that did this jump give me their thoughts., regarding:

— AF Performance.

— Image quality.


I had both a 5DII and a 7DII and held off upgrading for quite a while waiting for a 5DIV. I tend to print quite large and really wanted higher resolution and better image quality (especially with shadow recovery). I also was getting tired of lugging a huge heavy backpack of cameras and lenses everywhere I went. My daughter went off to Art school and inherited the 5D2 - so I decided to jump in with an A7R then later an A7RII.

I am shooting everything but action/wildlife with the Sony and really happy with the quality - with the exception that while the FE 55 1.8 and FE 16-35 are awesome, the Zeiss branded FE 24-70 is a disappointment because of very soft and distorted corners. I've even thought of using the Canon 24-70 2.8L Mk 2 with an adapter but the size and weight of that might keep me from hauling it around.

Unfortunately, there is enough lag in the Sony system that I wouldn't try to use it for any action or wildlife - for that reason I kept the 7DII which is fantastic for that - although image quality and limited dynamic range on the 7DII still suffers a bit - which becomes obvious when you are trying to pull up details on a darkly colored bird.

I have the Metabones IV adapter and it works pretty well with many of my Canon Lenses, but with some - like the 100-400 L MkII - its too slow to focus at the long end to be useful for wildlife.

To address some of your specific questions:

Image Quality - better than the Canon with the ability to pull up shadows more and hold up detail. This is however not as dramatic a difference as some make it out to be. There is still enough shadow color noise in lower ISO's to require handling in Lightroom.

AF Performance - the A7RII focuses quickly and accurately in reasonable light with Sony lenses. Somewhat less fast with some adapted Canon Lenses. AF performance is a bit slower in low light situations. One plus is that manual focusing with focus peaking makes the Sony Excel in very difficult lighting where would wouldn't be able to see well at all with the Canon.

What you will notice going from Canon to Sony is speed of operation, here Sony is a little behind Canon. Also there is EVF image lag time and a lack of native long lenses that somewhat cripple the Sony A7RII for sports or wildlife.

One trend I see happening is the shift at Sony is to produce larger aperture lenses, and while these fill a gap the professions request, their larger size offsets the size and weight advantage of the smaller system. I note that the smaller A7R MKI and the FE 35 2.8 is still my favorite walk around rig.

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