Upgrading Canon 5D2 to Sony A7RII?

Started Sep 20, 2015 | Discussions thread
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Re: Upgrading Canon 5D2 to Sony A7RII?

Johny bravo wrote:

So I`m a Canon user thinking on upgrading my trusted 5D2 to Sony A7RII, can someone that did this jump give me their thoughts., regarding:

— AF Performance.

— Image quality.


Mirrorless AF is a bit slowerbut more precise (focusing on chip and no separate AF module).

Mirrorless AF hunt more than a DSLR with long lenses like the BIG white ones (technical issue).

A7RII has a wide dynamical range if going for a more subtle look, easy to post process if looking for more contrast and more saturated colors. Going from lower dynamical range to a more subtle look is not possible as the range between the exposure tresholds are less.

Warning: some time is required to adapt as Sonyland is very different from Canon bastion. 

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