A7Rii Changed Settings During Time Lapse in M Mode

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Carl Crumley
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A7Rii Changed Settings During Time Lapse in M Mode

Last night I decided to take my A7Rii and 16-35 mm out for a spin at star photography in my back yard. I'm both pleased and a bit troubled by some of my findings.

1. I found using the image displayed on the LCD to be VERY hard to see a star to manually focus on because of the strong color noise on the LCD. I managed to see a star or two bright enough through the noise but I still wasn't sure when I nailed the focus. I ended up setting the focus at different points short of infinity and chimping some images until I found a sharp focus setting. I remember on my previous camera (Canon 6D) in live view mode I had no trouble seeing a star and setting my focus.

2. I found a LOT of hot pixels (I guess that's what they are). The number of errant red, blue, green and white pixels is really troubling. I've posted a crop of my photo showing a portion of the area of the foreground trees where you can see what I mean. Cloning out that many hot pixels would be impossible. Perhaps if I had used Long Exposure Noise Reduction it would have helped or eliminated that problem? I would have had even worse gaps in the trails with LENR turned on though.

I used an intervalometer to trigger the shutter every 25 seconds. So... I planned to shoot for 20 seconds, give it 5 seconds to write to the card, then shoot another 20 seconds, etc. I probably should skip the 5 second break since it results in dots instead of steady lines in the final product. I suppose the buffer wouldn't fill with the fast card I'm using.

3. Even though I was in Manual mode the camera changed settings several times during the hour or so I was shooting a series of 122 images (see the screen capture of my Bridge screen below). I set it up to shoot at f/5.6 (should have picked f/4 but made a little boo boo there), 20 seconds and ISO1600. Those settings looked pretty good when I chimped my first shots to make sure I nailed the focus. During the shooting sequence, however, it changed the settings several times. Here is what it did:

73 images at f/5.6, 20 seconds, ISO1600

1 image at f/4.0, 25 seconds, ISO3200

29 images at f/5.6, 25 seconds, ISO3200

1 image at f/4.0, 25 seconds, ISO3200

18 images at f/5.6, 25 seconds, ISO3200

I tweaked the images and sequence of images to balance the exposures before combining them into the finished composite, but I shouldn't have to do that.

I've been back through the manual and I can't find anything about the camera changing settings when in Manual mode. Did I miss something? And, how do I keep it from changing?

Thanks in advance for any help with this.

Carl (Rochester, New York)

Using the lighten blend mode I merged the 122 images into this star trail composite.

This is a crop of a portion of the shadows in the foreground trees showing all the hot pixels.

In this screen grab of my Bridge screen you can see where the exposures changed during the 122 image sequence (begins with the 3rd image at the upper left, and ends with the 3rd one from the end at the bottom right).

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