Low-light shooting (A7RII, A7S)

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Re: Low-light shooting (A7RII, A7S)

A7RII for sure!

I would go on Auto ISO 100-12800, A-Mode, put the base speed to 1/125 (I love this feature on the A7RII) and do some test shots to see, how far you can go with aperture, to stay under 12800. You may adjust the +-EV too, because a lot stays in the dark, so there is no need that the camera push too much (unless you want to light out someone out of a shadow in post).

Then turn off life view (you can put it on a C-button to test the light in a few occations) and have fun with the bright and sharp OVF. It's like very good night vision gear. Only change the f-stop, everything else will do the camera. You may have to turn off the AF-light (the orange one) too, because that is quite annoying and doesnt help that much.

Forget about face detection or eye AF, wouldn't work well. use manual, area focus or middle-spot.

Lenses: 55/1.8 > 35/1.4 = 28/2

I would prefer the 28/2 above the 35/1.4 because of the weight. Don't forget the lens hood AND SHOW US SOME SHOTS!

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