First Impressions of 21mm Conversion Lens

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Re: First Impressions of 21mm Conversion Lens

Jeff Tokayer wrote:

WACONimages wrote:

:-)The Coolpix A with the Bower 52mm tube + a 52/49mm step down, vignettes using the Ricoh GW3. Holding the lens directly in front of the camera seems to work, but cannot confirm how well.

Yes you're right. I found out myself. Also way too much vignette with a Panasonic 0,79x wide angle converter lens

But as a surprise an adapter tube came with the Coolpix A (2nd hand, but as new with guaranty) In the meanwhile I already ordered an adapter tube myself.... Also have some metal step down rings.

I'm gonna cut about 3 or 4mm of the adapter tube(metal also) and glue(2seconds super glue) a metal step down on it. That way it must word with the GW3.

i had the same idea, but I seem to prefer the GR over the A.

so I bought another GR, and now I'm waiting for a new GH3 to arrive.

the Coolpix A is up for sale.

I thought about a GR too. But I ran into a great offer for the Coolpix A. Image wise they must be close. Handling etc will be different I suppose.

I already bought a small SB300 flash for the Nikon A. So far I like the image quality of the Coolpix A. It has high sync speed flash and even with the small SB300 flash I could flash at a burst rate with 5fps. But the GR will do this the same probably. Does the Ricoh AF201 FG flash work with the GR? Maybe I end up with a GR later on if I found one for a fair price. Already have the GW3 lens + adapter.

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