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After seven years I decided to upgrade my Canon 5DMKII full-frame camera. At first I considered the A7RII but decided with the 5DS since I can utilize my L lenses to their full AF capabilities vs. using adaptors. I've done a few shoots already with the new camera and I'm very impressed by its image quality and cropping power.

The AF performance is awesome----not only it was able to track tennis players seamlessly but it did an excellent job in focusing on the subject in severely backlit situations for photoshoots. I would have given an 'Excellent' rating for sports but 5 fps is not enough for tennis.

There were a couple of challenges I had with this camera. When I first got it I tried to be conservative and at least double the handholding rule. However, I found that it was not necessary with my IS lenses: 24-105/4 L IS and the new 16-35/4 L IS. With non-IS I went back to the handholding rule or close to it like setting the minimum shutter speed to 1/125 sec. for my 85LII. I didn't notice any handholding blur but then again I was shooting close to wide open and in some situations I used fill-in flash.

Another thing is for the past year or so I was using Sony APS-C mirrorless cameras. So I had to re-orient myself with FF DOF. Also, I changed my shooting technique. Before for full body shots I normally focus on the subject's bellybutton area. However, with the 5DS I focused on the subject's nose. I had to do this because since it's a high rez camera, just in case I want to crop I can still get the facial features in focus.

My PC is approximately three years old with 24GB of RAM so processing these huge files are not a problem. I use CS6. Plus storage these days are cheap.

The image quality of the 5DS by in large differs from my 1DMKIII. The latter is silky smooth while the former is more film-like. As for high ISO performance I actually find it great as it gives me a couple of options: shoot with no NR and then clean it up with Nik Dfine 2.0. Since the noise is kinda film like, it is easy to clean it without sacrifycing details. Another option that I like too is to downsize at 39MP and apply in-camera NR.

Dynamic range is talked about a lot here on DPR. I think the DR is greatly improved from my 5DMKII in particular the shadows/blacks. My 5DMKII is a bit allergic to black clothing LOL whereas I don't have such issue with the 5DS. Bear in mind that I shoot mostly portraits thus seldom ever need to lift the shadows by three or more stops. The metering is pretty good but just in case it 'gets fooled' ie. subject is by the lake or shooting above towards the sky, I just bracket which is in one of my C1-C3 settings.

I shoot mostly in Jpeg Portrait setting. I've always love the skin tones from my Canons and I like the finished product from the jpeg files. I've shot RAW + jpeg before but 95% of the time I end up with the jpeg file anyway so I just shoot with jpeg most of the time.

If I am nitpicking the cons here it is the battery (I have two with the vertical grip) as it never reads 100% at full-charge---always 99%.

Overall, I am very ecstatic about this camera: the IQ is superb, lots of cropping power and great AF performance.

Here are some images from my 5DS with various lenses.



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